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Our goal

Impact the world
with small life decisions

Our eco-friendly bags can create a positive change

We aim to reduce pollution, preserve the environment, and create a positive change in our society.

Why we created the Ocean One Bag?​
Many of the disposable plastic bags in grocery stores are thrown into the garbage, lay scattered outdoors or end up polluting nature. With the Ocean One Bag, you will always carry a reusable bio-friendly bag.​ Made from recycled plastic and nylon, our Ocean One Bag fits easily into any wallet and provides you with the best convenience during your grocery shopping. You not only save money but also can create a positive change for the environment.

Be a part of the solution
​Small steps matter and can bring about a big change. Step up and smarten up your lifestyle!

Currently available at Zurich Airport

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Bio local ZürichAirport
Shopping Center Floor 0
Postfach 2164, PLZ 8060

Specification of the Ocean One Bag

  • The world’s first bag that fits into any wallet or pocket.


  • Tearproof and can carry 10 kilograms of weight.


  • Washable at 30 degrees Celsius and dries quickly.


  • Designed to be reused for many years.


  • Made from recycled plastic and nylon.

Size: 34cm width and 48cm height

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Be a part of the solution

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