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Our goal

Shape the world with the power of your everyday choices

Discover how our eco-friendly bags are the key to sparking a transformative and positive impact

We aim to reduce pollution, preserve the environment, and create a positive change in our society.

Why we created the Ocean One Bag?​

Because we refuse to stand idly by as disposable plastic bags clog our landfills, litter our landscapes, and harm our precious environment. Our Ocean One Bag is your ticket to a brighter, cleaner future. Crafted from recycled plastic and nylon, it's an eco-champion that slips effortlessly into your wallet, making your grocery trips a breeze. With every use, you're not just saving money; you're a catalyst for a greener, cleaner world. Join us in making a powerful impact—one small step at a time. Embrace a smarter, eco-friendly lifestyle today!"

Be a part of the solution

Embrace the power of small steps, for they have the potential to ignite a profound transformation. Elevate your lifestyle—step up, and make smart choices for a brighter future!

Currently available at Zurich Airport

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Bio local ZürichAirport
Shopping Center Floor 0
Postfach 2164, PLZ 8060

Specification of the Ocean One Bag

  • The world’s first bag that fits into any wallet or pocket.


  • Tearproof and can carry 10 kilograms of weight.


  • Washable at 30 degrees Celsius and dries quickly.


  • Designed to be reused for many years.


  • Made from recycled plastic and nylon.

Size: 34cm width and 48cm height

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Be a part of the solution

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