Be a part of the  solution to

reduce pollution

The company’s goal is to reduce pollution, to contribute something meaningful and to preserve the environment. With our product, a protective phone case that conveniently stores a shopping bag, we address the large number of plastic bags handed out daily in grocery stores.


Many of these plastic bags end up straight in the bin, or worse, lay scattered outdoors. With Bionomic-Case you’ll always carry a sustainable bag with you. This shopping bag, made from recycled materials can easily fit to any wallet size and model. You save money each time you go shopping and, at the same time, protect the environment! We have worked 5 years to make the design of the case and bio-bag as light, thin and as handy as possible.


Every small step by an individual matters, because saving plastic consummation is important. With every step, no matter how small, we can create a big difference together. With this philosophy in mind, we created the Bionomic-Case the protective phone-case and bio-bag with a higher purpose.