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Competitive Advantage

With the Ocean One Bag, you will always carry a sustainable bag with you. This shopping bag, made from recycled plastic and nylon, fits easily into any wallet. Not only can you save money each time you go shopping, you also protect the environment! With the fund raised, we will work towards the goal of producing a case for the Ocean One Bag that can be inserted and be attached to any smartphone.

Why do we raise money

We want to build a community of people, who want to support and be part of our mission in creating environmental awareness and a cleaner future. We will use the donations to raise awareness in developing countries and reward the locals for every environmental cleaning initiative completed. Each donor will receive the Ocean One Bag as a Thank-You gift because together we will create a positive change for our environment. 

You will then receive our Ocean One Bag right on your doorstep! Just fill in the data and we will send you a TWINT request worth of CHF 15 each after you will receive the Bag within two to three working days.

Start protecting our environment from today. ​

Currently only available in Switzerland!

Thank you for being a part of the solution!

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