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Competitive Advantage

Introducing the Ocean One Bag—an ingenious creation that ensures you carry sustainability wherever you go. This remarkable shopping bag, meticulously crafted from recycled plastic and durable nylon, effortlessly slips into your wallet. With every use, you not only save money, but you also become a guardian of our environment. And here's the exciting part: The funds we raise will drive us closer to a transformative vision—producing a smartphone case designed to snugly accommodate and attach the Ocean One Bag, giving you the ultimate convenience and sustainability on the go

Why do we raise money

We are on a mission to create a vibrant community of individuals who are not just supporters, but active participants in our crusade for environmental awareness and a greener tomorrow. Your invaluable donations will fuel our efforts to spread awareness and, more significantly, to reward local champions in developing countries for every environmental initiative they champion. And as a token of our profound gratitude, each donor will receive the remarkable Ocean One Bag, because together, we are architecting a transformation that will leave a lasting, positive imprint on our environment. 

You will then receive our Ocean One Bag right on your doorstep! Just fill in the data and we will send you a TWINT request worth of CHF 25 each after you will receive the Bag with a pouch within two to three working days.

Start protecting our environment from today. ​

Currently only available in Switzerland!

Thank you for being a part of the solution!

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